Four Major Types of Essays Writing that You Must Know

Four Major Types of Essays Writing that You Must Know

If you were to tickle your professor in the right place, he or she would probably tell you that there are only really four types of essay that matter. He or she may also tell you that the homework he or she sets is just busy work because he or she has to show that testing and student/professor feedback is taking place. Here are descriptions of the four main assignment types you are probably going to be asked to write.

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Expository Essay

This is an essay where you have to explain something in detail. For example, if you were asked to write an expository essay on Melbourne, you may write about how it was founded, what its economic output is, how many immigrants live there, how many people work, how many people claim benefits and so forth.

How “expository” your assignment is will depend on the class you are taking. For example, you will have to write about historic details if it is a history essay, may write about population movement if it is a sociology essay, and may write about how the town is dragging down the Australian dollar if you are taking a journalism course/qualification.

Narrative Essay

With a narrative essay, you are able to take your reader on a journey. It isn’t somewhere real such as Sydney in Australia; it is to a mindset or a journey to agreeing with you. You get to take your reader from what they used to think to how you want them to think. You do not have to persuade people of things, and you do not have to give numerous sides to an argument, you simply need to take them from one place to another. For example, your reader may not know why a rabbit eats its own faeces, but you can take them on a journey and show them why rabbits do it so that at the end they know.


Descriptive Essay

With this essay, you go into great detail about a thing, event or person. You give as many details as suits the theme of the essay. The amount of detail you give will depend on the word count your essay is allowed. The type of details you give will depend on the subject you are writing your essay for. The level of detail is mostly up to you and what you think is appropriate. For example, you may be writing a descriptive essay about an acorn, and you could give a description of how it grows into a tree, but do you need to weigh every acorn within a 200-mile radius and detail how much they all weighed?

Persuasive Essay

With a narrative essay, you take somebody on a journey from one place to another. That journey may be a learning quest or may be something innocuous. With a persuasive essay the journey is intended to take a person somewhere and have them change their mind. Your job with a persuasive essay is to have the reader agree with you at the very end. If the reader already agreed, then it is your job to confirm with them how right they were.

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